Kibarkan Jalur Gemilang~!

Jalur Gemilang

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Wait..what?!!My last post was 2 years ago? I guess my idea, my mood to write and share just went missing. Lucky I found it back and here I am!:)

A lot going on these 2 years.. My life's journal keep piling up. I am grateful for that as I am continuing to learn and find my true self, build up my attitude and appreciate my loved ones. Talking about life's journal, my English teacher when I was in Form 4, made a compulsory task to everyone - to write a journal of your everyday life! And that was to include everything. Not just normal routine. Anything that add something extra to your life. Something that makes your heart move. I miss my school years, a lot!

This is my final year of 2 series. Moving on to 3 series next year! How time flies. I don't regret anything. If the path does not lead to the one I dreamt, I'll take it as a challenge. Yes,  I am more positive today. Alhamdulillah. I am happy. This is happiness. :)

Monday, November 12, 2012


Fuyoooohhhh lama betul tak update blog beta ini.
Fuyoooohhhh bersawang sana sini.. puhhh puuhhh *tiup tiup sawang kasik terbang*
Fuyoooohhhh dah lama tak taip entri dan bila start taip, mula la asyik backspace memanjang!

Fuyoooohhhh sekarang musim durian.. dan musim durian crepe juga! 

Ha tengok ni! 

Ni batch durian crepe yang kedua.. sebab tu ada warna ala-ala shocking pink tu! hehehe.. Abah pun taknak kalah.. Nengok anak beliau meng-crepe, maka beliau pun potong french toast,  letak sardin, bakar pastu letak sos cili sebagai finishing touch.. eceh! hahaha.. anak beliau ni baik hati, so bagi la sandwich tu tumpang bergambor barang sekaki dua dengan durian crepe.. hihiks.. :p

Sebab semua ahli rumah gila dengan durian, sekali lalu dapur, buka fridge, ngapppp! Dua kali lalu dapur, dua kali buka fridge, dua kali ngappp! ha begitu! hehehe

Ok, cukup. Jangan berjela. Fuyoohhhhh! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Knock knock!

Ketuk-ketuk! Ha bukan ketuk-ketuk Ramadhan ni.. ketuk-ketuk pintu belog sendiri.. boleh gitu?hehe
Malas sungguh nak update.. dok auu nok tulih nape.. *kata orang ganu! haha*

Huwarghhh malas sungguh ni.. ok thanks bye. :p

Eh eh rasa nak tepek gambor la kat sini..


Sesi beramah mesra bersama dinosour! teehee :p

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday Note

To Allah the Almighty, the Creator and Lord of the Universe
Alhamdulillah.. Thank you Allah for giving me a chance to live this life for another year.. I am forever grateful for your bless, grace and love. Your guidance is what I need the most to become a better Muslim for now and hereafter.  

To Abah and Mak
I'm a year older. Thank you for helping me grow. Thank you for always been there for me. I love both of you so much I could not explain. 

Siblings (Angah, Abang, Acik, Adik)
You guys make my life richer with joy and laughter.. and not to forget, tears! hehe.. Luv ya! Luv ya! Luv ya! :)

The one who always care about me since I was a baby. Please get well soon. Naz sayang tok! :)

Encik Sidi
Thank you for being with me through ups and downs. You make the imperfect to be perfect. I love you and always will. :)  

My besties and friends are the unforgotten treasures. You add colors to my life and make it as beautiful as a rainbow. Thank you peeps! I love you to bits! :)

p/s: This entry was written with lots and lots of love..