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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Wait..what?!!My last post was 2 years ago? I guess my idea, my mood to write and share just went missing. Lucky I found it back and here I am!:)

A lot going on these 2 years.. My life's journal keep piling up. I am grateful for that as I am continuing to learn and find my true self, build up my attitude and appreciate my loved ones. Talking about life's journal, my English teacher when I was in Form 4, made a compulsory task to everyone - to write a journal of your everyday life! And that was to include everything. Not just normal routine. Anything that add something extra to your life. Something that makes your heart move. I miss my school years, a lot!

This is my final year of 2 series. Moving on to 3 series next year! How time flies. I don't regret anything. If the path does not lead to the one I dreamt, I'll take it as a challenge. Yes,  I am more positive today. Alhamdulillah. I am happy. This is happiness. :)

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