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Thursday, December 10, 2009


The passion to change the template of my blog turns into a mess!!!I lost my posts' comments...dates...links....arghhhh!This thing is driving me crazee!!!


Moral of the story: DON'T change your blog template unless you are well-prepared to severe urmm...D.E.S.T.R.U.C.T.I.O.N!


My Previous Post..*sigh*

--Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I was craving for this sheep for quite some time.. Erm..actually,I was craving for the bigger one!hee.. Thanx to that 'sick' watch(definitely not mine!haha) which made me miss my Twilight show(doh!) and guess what?? I got Sheep in return!!Arigato honey muchuk!XOXO:)

**Me and my Sheep~!

Anyway, I still regret that we missed the show.. and sad too!!I luv twilight so much.. :( But honey..i luv u more~!thanx for the wonderful weekend and gifts..really appreciate that..lalala...:)

--Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sometimes people do hurt us and maybe sometimes we hurt them.. It's normal rite?Whether it was done on purpose or not, it doesn't matter.. Still H.U.R.T..
We have the right to be angry but that doesn't mean we have the right to be cruel.. If somebody done something wrong to you and he or she already asked for an apology, try to be considered with that.. It's not that hard, is it? Why exaggerate over a simple thing??

The point is, learn to forgive and forget.. u will feel me!


nuhan said...

hee~ sabaq ain sabaq..nnt kita try n error lg nak x? :p

peanutzz said...

xmo dh aku..biar la template yg bese2 je..haha..

nuhan said...

kikikiki~ :p

Anonymous said...

Hye....its muchuk here.but not really muchuk k.trima kasih syg sbb sudi bawak pergi jalan2 kat KL hari tu.walaupun x dapat tgk Twilight, tp sbb 'Jam Sakit' ni la, bnyk kenangan untuk kita ingati.sbb tu bila tgk je jam ni, terus je kenangan di sana terimbas kembali.miz u much n luv u much.TQ...XOXO

Anonymous said...

its ok dear.abg x pandai nk buat ayat sgt.x pandai nk komen2 ni.jadi, apa yang syg tulis tu semuanya bagus bagi abg.ok cayang....:)

peanutzz said...

syuke2 dpt komen tu balik..:)thanx honey!luv u mucho mucho!!XOXO