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Jalur Gemilang

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Sume orang buat azam baru for 2010.. aku pun nk sebok2 gak buat azam.. hihi..

Well.. I determine to do all the things listed below.. Insyaallah.. (^_^)

1. Get a new mobile phone... I seriously in need of new mobile phone and yes! I will try to get one!

2. Kumpul duit.. kiki..

3. Holiday with my besties!!! Believe it.. it's gonna be LEGENDARY!!!:p

3 dulu kot.. banyak2 kang tak tertunai pulak.. huhu..

But the most important and meaningful azam tahun baru is try to be better person than before.. Always try to be the best!!


nuhan said...

holiday!! make sure it happen diz year! ngeh3 :P

peanutzz said...

yes!yes!hee...xsabo pulak..:p